Massage is an amazing tool for reducing pain and relaxing the body and soul. I know this from personal experience.

As a professionally trained dancer, I suffered a series of injuries. Each session with my excellent sports therapist eased my constant discomfort, brought relief and increased movement. This started my own journey as therapist.

I later qualified as a fitness instructor and personal trainer, specialising in a wide variety of massages. Since then I have worked as a therapist with private clients, here in the U.K. and also in the U.S. where I lived for 13 years.

During my pregnancies, I received further treatment for pain and sciatica. These massages were a real joy for my aching body; so, expectant mamas, I know how you feel!

As well as my own experiences, my daughter suffers with Fibromyalgia so I know first hand how massage can also ease chronic pain.

I now also offer beauty treatments and facials, so you can look as good as you will feel after your treatments. Book today!

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